A Father’s Day “Sweet” Success Story

After a year of trying to get pregnant naturally, 34-year-old Jaesen and her husband, 34-year-old Marco Petretta of Naples sought a medical consultation from Dr. Craig Sweet, a reproductive endocrinologist and director of Specialists in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, P.A. 

Following diagnostic testing, both husband and wife learned that they both had fertility problems. An ultrasound and blood work showed that Jaesen had a decreased ovarian reserve. This meant that Jaesen’s ovaries were likely to produce fewer eggs than most women her age, lowering the odds of success. In addition, a detailed sperm analysis showed that Marco had low sperm count and low motility (the sperm’s ability to move to the egg for fertilization). A scrotal ultrasound confirmed that Marco had a varicocele, a varicose vein of the testicle which is present in about 20 percent of infertile men. Following a minimally invasive procedure to embolize the vein, the couple discussed their treatment options with the goal of achieving a pregnancy.

Based on their diagnoses and Dr. Sweet’s recommendations, the couple opted for in vitro fertilization. During the process, Dr. Sweet retrieved only two eggs. Only one was mature. Next, the single egg was fertilized by injecting it with a single sperm. The single embryo continued to grow to the day five blastocyst stage at which point it was transferred into Jaesen’s uterus. With only one embryo produced during the process, their chances of pregnancy were slim.

Less than two weeks later, the couple learned they would become parents. On May 4, Jaesen gave birth to Vivienne Grace Petretta. The proud parents are looking forward to celebrating Marco’s first Father’s Day on June 20! 

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