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Earlier this week, I asked readers to submit their questions about fertility care. To recap, I was asked about whether pineapple helps make the embryos stick during IVF and about whether Pre seed helps with producing cervical fluid during ovulation.

Regarding pineapple – that is a new one for me. I checked the National Library of Medicine database and found curious information.

First, pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which supposedly breaks down enzymes that inhibit implantation. I found an old study from the 1970's that examined if this enzyme could induce an abortion in rats. It was not found to be useful.

There hasn't been any reproductive research on this enzyme over the past 10 years. I did find a 25-year-old study wherein the enzyme was used to breakdown cervical mucous in the laboratory. This worked but further study has never been done and I certainly do not recommend that pineapple be placed in the vagina!

This enzyme is apparently used to tenderize meats.

So, to summarize, this enzyme breaks down proteins (meat), has been studied to potentially cause an abortion (doubtful) and can be useful in the laboratory to break down cervical mucous (Please do not try this in the vagina!). It doesn't seem to have any specificity so the breakdown of yet-to-be-discovered proteins that inhibit implantation is a real stretch of the imagination.

I like the idea of fruits and vegetables added to a sensible diet but I will have to place the “pineapple pregnancy” supplement into old wives' tales probably propagated by the pineapple industry itself!

Happy eating!

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