What to expect, when you’re trying to expect

What can you expect when going through fertility testing and treatment?  Visit our website at www.dreamababy.com for answers to your frequently asked questions and information to help guide you through the process. And of course, our compassionate staff is always willing to answer your questions by calling 239-275-8118.

What is embryo donation and how can I find an embryo?

For many families struggling to conceive, fertility treatment and adoption are often contemplated. One option of growing interest to families is “embryo donation.” What does it involve and how can you find donated embryos? Is becoming an embryo recipient the right choice for you?  SRMS has a searchable embryo donor database. To learn more, visit http://www.dreamababy.com/embryo-finding.htm

One couple shares a “Sweet” success story about their twins

Read another amazing “Sweet” success story – times two!  But the story doesn’t end there, this couple made the decision to donate their remaining frozen embryos to another couple trying to start a family! What an amazing example of the gift of life! Read more: http://www.dreamababy.com/testimony4.htm

Question of the week: What’s on your mind?

We want to hear from you!  Submit your questions to the doctor. At SRMS, we want to help empower our patients with a better understanding of fertility treatment. Knowledge is power, so ask away! We also encourage you to call us directly at 239-275-8118 or visit our website at http://www.dreamababy.com/.

Talk: Male Infertility

Infertility is often believed to be a woman's problem. However, studies indicate that 30 percent of infertility is related to male factor problems such as structural abnormalities, sperm production disorders, ejaculatory disturbances and immunologic disorders. Infertility is a couples' problem and one that must be faced as a team.

Discovering the source of infertility often isn’t the “Aha!” experience a couple may hope it to be. While patients may be relieved to know what the barriers to pregnancy are and how to address them, there is often a challenging emotional reaction for both men and women. Men can feel particularly “alone” in their journey, and it may prove difficult for them to discuss their feelings with their partners, family and friends. Fortunately, there are many support groups available for men, and for couples, struggling with infertility. Many are moderated by trained social workers and infertility specialists, while others are organized by people who have themselves been diagnosed with infertility. Speak to your health care practitioner about support groups in your area, contact a national fertility organization for listings or explore online groups and message boards such as those at ivillage.com, babycenter.com and webmd.com.

Share your comments below. For more information on infertility, visit http://www.dreamababy.com/ or call 239-275-8118.

Embryo Donation – Give the Gift of Life!

Embryos are created through the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). In order to minimize multiple pregnancies, excess embryos are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen for future use. Eventually, a caring and compassionate couple, the donating parents, decide to donate these frozen embryos. Rather than destroy the embryos or donate them to science, the donating parents believe their cryopreserved embryos deserve a chance at life and a needy individual or couple deserve a chance at parenthood. It is a wonderful and amazing gift. To learn more, visit http://www.dreamababy.com/embryo-donation.htm.

Get “Sharps Smart” – Dispose of needles properly

If your fertility care includes giving yourself shots at home, the “sharps,” or needles and syringes, need to be disposed of properly to prevent injuries or infections to you, your family and the waste disposal workers. Click here for information on sharps collection: http://www.dreamababy.com/downloads/Sharps%20Collection%20Patient%20Information.pdf

Lighten up! Read some funny stories from our patients

Infertility is a serious medical issue. But where there is heartbreak, there is hope and there is always room for humor. We have added some anecdotes from our day-to-day interaction with patients to help keep the atmosphere at the office light and humorous. This section of our website is not intended to offend any viewers or patients, but we find that a sense of humor can be valuable in getting through some of the difficult situations we face on a daily basis. We added this section to our Website with the highest level of respect for ourselves and our patients, and hope you will take it at face value.

If you have any additions, please let us know! For more, call 239-275-8118 or visit: www.dreamababy.com/funny-stories.htm

We want to hear about your fertility journeys. Visit our patient diaries and share your story!

Do you have a personal story to share?  Are you trying to conceive?  Going through treatment?  Do you have your own “Sweet” success story to share?  If so, visit our “Patient Diaries.”  You can post your experience, comment on other posts or simply read the stories from others. For more information, please call 239-275-8118.

What are the options for financing IVF?

What are the options for financing IVF? Learn more about payment options, insurance and answers to your questions at Specialists in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, PA.: http://www.dreamababy.com/faq.htm